WordPress Care Plans

Maintenance? But my site is brand-new!

Pay attention, my friend. Just because your fancy website is looking all shiny and new right now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. It’s like owning a well-crafted car – regular maintenance is necessary to ensure it runs smoothly. Consider me your virtual mechanic, keeping your site purring like a contented kitten instead of wheezing like a distressed walrus.

Vanilla air freshener is optional.

Website Care Plans - Little Nerd Web Design

Housekeeping, but for a website. It’ll make sense, don’t worry…

Your website can be your most valuable digital asset. But here’s the unvarnished truth: its quality is solely determined by its latest update. Sure, you put in tremendous effort to create a masterpiece. But even the finest websites need care and attention, just like your neighbor’s pesky Chihuahua that constantly demands TLC.

Think about it – your website needs new plugins to replace the obsolete ones. It requires updates to address bugs and security issues because cybercriminals are always lurking. Oh, and don’t overlook the importance of dynamic content, my friend. Keep it fresh and up-to-date, or your visitors will regard it as yesterday’s soggy pizza crust.

However, many people underestimate the significance of these tasks. They mistakenly believe that websites can magically handle themselves. Well, here’s a reality check—they can’t. Neglect your precious site, and its performance will plummet faster than a sedated sloth. Nobody in today’s fast-paced world has time to wait for a sluggish website. Google is well aware of this, having shared fancy statistics indicating that a mere two-second delay in load speed can cause your bounce rate to skyrocket by 32%.. And guess what? Google won’t hesitate to penalize your lackadaisical site, demoting it in the rankings.

Don’t let that happen, my friend. Don’t transform your website into a desolate ghost town where tumbleweeds and crickets are the only visitors. That’s where I come in.

So how can I help?

At Little Nerd Web Design, I offer a WordPress Care Plan tailored to your busy schedule and tight budget. Whether you’re too swamped to handle website maintenance personally or you’re a growing company aiming to showcase your excellence, rest assured, I’ve got your back.

The WordPress Care Plan

  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Site Optimisation
  • Content updates*
  • Security monitoring
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Monthly backups
  • One hours support
  • Discount on extra work

£50 a month

*All content is to be provided by the client. If you don’t have time to create content yourself, I have a network of copywriters and graphic designers I can connect you with.

Can I only sign up for a care plan if you designed my website?

No! Regardless of who built your website, I’m here to help you keep it running as it should!

What happens if my site edits take longer than an hour?

Fear not! If you’re signed up to a WordPress Care Plan, then you get a discount on any extra work that needs doing.

Does any unused time rollover to the following month?

Sadly, no. It’s a set allocated time every month. If I were to rollover hours, it would become difficult for me to manage my time effectively, and I would more than likely have a self-induced drama queen mini meltdown.

Can I pay annually?

Yes! Paying annually will save you 15% compared to paying monthly.

Am I locked in?

Nope! You are free to cancel at any time.

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“I was having all sorts of coding issues when I relaunched my website, but now it’s all fixed. Louise jumped straight in, sorting out the problems in double-quick time. She’s an absolute rock star!”
Matt Drzymała – IndelibleThink