Where the nerdy magic happens

What I think I look like when I'm working

I’ve shared website tips and tricks so you can improve your online presence (and I have plenty more of those in my cauldron). You know what my working process looks like when I’m working on a clients website. I’ve told you how I got into web design. I’ve even shared my feelings on how bloody hard it is running your own business when you’re wearing all the hats (haven’t seen those ones huh? it’s not too late to start following me on LinkedIn!). But what about where all this magic happens? What is it really like at Little Nerd Web Design HQ?

You’ve seen the “this what my office looks like” photo. Hang on, you didn’t? You really need to follow me on LinkedIn, that’s where the good posts are! (here’s the photo from that post back in January 2023). But today I’ll be sharing what it looks like before I tidy it up to take that good looking photo.

Yeah, that’s right! This months blog post is giving you an EXCLUSIVE “NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN” look at a Little Nerds natural habitat during a client project! Insert your own drumroll here, the budget doesn’t stretch to getting a professional musician in. Anyway, you ready? No? Too bad. The photo is coming in 3…



Where the magic happens - Little Nerd Web Design HQ

As you can see, a pile of scribbled notes (don’t panic, I recycle!) and an endless supply of snacks is a must for all projects (those empty wrappers don’t get tossed out till the end of the day). Sometimes, the drink will vary, it could be a half finished cuppa that went cold an hour ago (Yorkshire Tea, of course), or it could be a glass of water. But in general, that’s what my desk will look like when I’m building your new website.

And yes, I’ve labelled my plugs. I have to, it’s a tangled jungle of wires down there, if I unplug the wrong thing, the world could end. If the world ends, I can’t help you with your website worries! You better hurry up and find out how I can help you, before someone in my house comes along and pulls the wrong plug out (it could happen! they tend to ignore labels…)