What is the best day to launch a new website?

What is the best day to launch a website? - Little Nerd Web Design

So your shiny new website is complete and you’re ready for launch. But when exactly should you launch it? You might think it would be a Friday, people have the whole weekend free to check it out right? No.

Tuesday is the best day for website launches. But before I explain why, let’s look at why it’s not any of the other days.


On the surface it might seem like the best option. After all, you have a full week to fix anything that may go wrong during launch. While this is true, launching on a Monday is actually a bad idea. Launching a website isn’t as simple as hitting an on switch and that’s it. There’s a bunch of things that need doing; changing domains, installing SSL certificates, editing DNS records – lots of potential for things to go wrong. Everyone knows what Monday mornings are like after a nice weekend off so no one wants to dive in at the deep end. It’s not just that though, the intended audience for a website are also coming back to work after the weekend. They’re going to be busy catching up on emails, voicemails, etc. Add internal staff meetings and planning out the week ahead for work to that and it’s a pretty stressful day. No one really has time to take any notice of a website that just launched.


By the time Wednesday comes around thoughts start gravitating towards the weekend ahead. That to-do list on desks? It’s just getting longer. People have used up half their energy at this point in the week and are just trying to get their work done. Your websites intended audience don’t really have the inclination to check out your shiny new site.


Forget it. People are thinking about the weekend (TGIF!). Conversations revolve around their plans away from work. If they’re not doing that, then you can be sure they’re trying to wrap up work tasks before that 5pm bell rings so they can. Not only that though, what if something goes wrong with the website over the weekend? You then have to throw all your plans out of the window so you can fix it. Or your developer does (we like weekends too!).

So that just leaves one day. Tuesday! The rush and stress of Mondays are in the past. People are more likely to know what their work week is going to look like and have some energy and motivation. No one’s really thinking about the weekend (unless you really hate your job). Tuesday is also the day people are most likely to be active on social media, lots of sharing and commenting on content.

It’s also a good day for media coverage and press releases. Many journalists and media outlets plan their week on Mondays, which means that they may be more open to covering your website launch on a Tuesday. Additionally, launching on Tuesday gives you enough time to follow up with journalists and secure additional coverage throughout the week. Lastly, launching on this day gives you enough time to make any necessary adjustments to your website before the weekend. This means that you can fix any issues that may have appeared during the launch, ensuring that your website is fully operational before the weekend when traffic may be higher.

So there you have it. Tuesday is the best day to launch a new website. You can launch on any day of the week you choose, but you’ve invested time and money getting it built so why wouldn’t you want to give it’s best shot on launch date too?

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