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People who I categorically, absolutely never paid to say these things.




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thank you! - Little Nerd Web Design

“My old website was the equivalent of an overflowing ashtray. It stunk, it was unsightly, it lingered in the memory for all the wrong reasons, and I suspect it was putting people off talking to me. Louise came in and waved her magic wand over it, and the transformation was jaw-dropping. She got me straight away and the finished result is infinitely better than what I imagined it would look and move like. I was actually sad when the project came to an end because I’d had that much fun building it with her. She’s responsive, open to ideas, will constructively challenge you if she doesn’t think something will work, and she’s incredibly personable too. Put simply, hire Louise if you want to have a great experience building a kick-ass website.”

Ste Clarke – The Comma Chameleon


“Louise was FANTASTIC and QUICK to work with! I was having trouble setting up a portion of my website and Louise knocked it out (better than I even could have done it myself) within minutes.”

Ashlyn Needham – Expert Interior Design & Renovations Writer


“How wonderful it is to work with Louise. Louise is so prompted, very very helpful. She takes time to explain everything well. I was soo happy to see how she is fast to do things. I love my website, couldn’t ask for more, she understood the guideline very well, I knew that it was in good hands. When Louise finished the website I was a little bit sad because it was the end of our calls. Everything was in a good mood and nice laughs. I definitely recommend Louise.”

Diane Uwera – Iteka Scents


“Highly recommend! Louise was professional, responsive, timely, and efficient. With a clear eye for ensuring accessibility in web design, we also had some laughs along the way. We got exactly what we wanted for the stage we are at. Thank you”

Mary-Jo Hill – Yakbit Ltd


“Louise – wow! What more can I say? I was having all sorts of coding issues when I relaunched my website, but now it’s all fixed. Louise jumped straight in, sorting out the problems in double-quick time. And she also gave me some fantastic advice when I was having trouble with my email server. Work with her before she is fully booked – she’s an absolute rock star!”

Matt Drzymała – IndelibleThink


“I had Little Nerd Web Design’s build my website and I couldn’t be happier!! I highly recommend using their services. Not only did Louise build my website, but she walked me through every step of the way on updating the site after it was completed. Louise from Little Nerd Web Design is professional, patient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your website is functional and up to your standards. 10/10 would hire again!! Thanks, Louise!!!”

David Janz – AKA Entertainment Group


“We were referred to Louise after completing a digital analysis project funded by Norfolk County Council. We commissioned her to help us add an online shopping facility using PayPal and also to set up a newsletter and registration system to our website. This was done efficiently and quickly. Louise was very responsive, friendly and helpful. She listened to what we needed and sorted it out with minimal effort by us. I am happy to recommend Louise.”

Richard Crook – Active Fakenham


“I spoke to Louise on a Friday morning, provided her with my half-planned ideas, some photos, some copy and a basic layout and by the following Tuesday I have a fully functioning site that exactly reflects what I asked for. All the way through this her comms have been excellent and I could honestly not have had a smoother ride. It is so refreshing in the online world to meet an expert who speaks plain English and immediately understands the requirement. All of this at a very good price. Her website also has plenty of information and blogs to help me manage my site. A really nice person to boot! Wholeheartedly recommended – particularly if you want a website and have absolutely no idea how anything like that works.”

Simon Hawksley – North Town Consulting


“From one nerd to another – thank you! Louise, you have made my website woes go bye-bye… from the moment you shared that post about something and I commented something arb and you just KNEW what to do. From that moment on I knew that you and I are meant to be forever partnered. And now I have this incredible person in my corner who is hellbent on making my website f**ing amazing! I couldn’t thank you enough, even if I tried. My notebook has a page that says “Things Louise Needs To Do”. Thank you for being in my notebook and in my life. You are absolutely incredible with the knowledge you have and so liberally share with me!”

Stephanie Wium – SimplyOnDemand


“Very responsive, showed a lot of effort and attention to detail throughout the process. Would definitely recommend.”

Howard J – Yumpling


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