Some of the latest projects I’ve worked on

Evidence of the nerdy magic

What’s that? You want actual evidence of these amazing website builds and audits that I keep going on about? Then consider yourself in luck, my friend! Here’s a small selection of snapshots from a few of my favourite websites I’ve worked my nerdy magic on.

“Louise takes time to explain everything well. I was soo happy to see how she is fast to do things. I love my website, couldn’t ask for more, she understood the guideline very well, I knew that it was in good hands.”
Diane Uwera – Iteka Scents

Every project gets my undivided attention from start to finish, so don’t settle for being the first one to lose the race – drop me a line and let’s get your website and your business at the top of the podium where they rightfully belong. Still need some convincing? Hit the button below…

North Town Consulting website by Little Nerd Web Design
Purple lightning bolt
The Comma Chameleon - Ste Clarke - Freelance Copywriter
AKA Entertainment Group website by Little Nerd Web Design
Purple lightning bolt
AngelThink website by Little Nerd Web Design

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