Web Hosting and How it Affects Your Online Presence

Why your web hosting matters - Little Nerd Web Design

So, you’ve got a genius idea for a website and you’re ready to show it off to the entire World Wide Web. But wait, how does it actually get on there? Unless you’re on a platform like WIX or SquareSpace, you’re going to need some web hosting.

Let’s break it down. Think of your website as a collection of your favourite band t-shirts and your hosting like your flat. You need a place (the flat or hosting) to stash your stuff (the website or band tees). You wouldn’t just move into the first flat you saw in the classifieds, right? You’d suss it out first. It’s the same when you’re picking a hosting provider.

So what should you be looking for?

Customer Service: Can you ring them up at 3 am when your website goes down? Will they get back to you quicker than a Metallica drum solo? You don’t want to lose potential customers because they take longer to reply than an Iron Maiden song.

Security: Are they throwing in an SSL certificate, or are you going to have to shell out more dosh for that? Do they ward off hackers better than a Slayer mosh pit?

Shared server or dedicated server: Shared hosting is like a mosh pit. If one person goes too hard, everyone feels it. Dedicated servers cost more, but you get the stage all to yourself.

Web Space: If you’re sharing server space, how much room are you getting? Is it enough for your needs or will you have to upgrade to a bigger mosh pit later on?

Speed: Is your site going to load faster than a Ramstein pyrotechnics display? Slow loading times can cost you more than a spilled pint at a gig.

Are they green?: Do they run their servers on renewable energy? Because we want our websites heavy, but our carbon footprints light.

Other bits: Will they help you move if you’re switching from another provider? Do they offer email addresses? Are they throwing in a domain name like a free encore? Do they backup your website every day like a roadie?

Now, let’s talk about some web hosting rockstars:

Siteground are the Judas Priest of web hosting. They’ve got hosting plans for every budget and they’re one of the few who give you a free domain name. They’ve got plans starting at £14.39/month, and they’ve been up on stage for over 17 years.

DreamHost is like the Rolling Stones of web hosting. They’ve been around since 1997 and they’ve got data centres all over the world. Prices start from about £4.57 a month.

GreenGeeks are your guys if you’re into sustainability. They’re like the Radiohead of hosting providers, environmentally conscious and all that jazz. Their basic package starts from $2.95 a month.

Well, that’s your crash course in web hosting. Happy website building! 🤘