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The Comma Chameleon - Ste Clarke - Freelance Copywriter

Web design that’s mighty fine

I design websites for businesses and creatives that are so breathtaking that you’ll have to have a cold shower and say a few Hail Marys after you see them.

These delicious dashes of debonair design are written on WordPress. Why? Because this platform makes for a silky smooth user experience for your customers and they’re an absolute doddle to alter the content and layout as your business needs change.

So, that’s what I can provide you with – a website that’s slicker than a greased-up otter that your customers will love using, with a structure that you can change easier and faster than a bat out of hell. Marvellous!

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So, what exactly can I do for you?

Website Design

If your current website is slower than a three-legged tortoise and about as responsive as a teenager wearing headphones then I can help. The professional websites that I create not only have fast loading times but they’re responsive too, working seamlessly across multiple devices. Your website will be delivered ready to use and can be easily updated with your own content.

Website Maintenance

All websites need regular updates and maintenance to ensure that they’re running smoothly (whether it be website updates, plugin updates, or uploading new content). I offer continued support if you’re having trouble with any form of update. There’ll be no disruption to your existing site and you’ll get a faster, better version of it at the end.

Website Audits

If you’re struggling to get the traffic and conversions you want from your website then it might be time for a website audit. I’ll get my digital magnifying glass out and thoroughly analyse every aspect of your website, including accessibility, content, SEO, site speeds, and more. If I find anything untoward, I’ll provide clear, actionable recommendations for improvement.

AKA Entertainment Group website by Little Nerd Web Design
AngelThink website by Little Nerd Web Design

From web plight to out of sight

I build websites that work for you but don’t just take it from me. Here are a few reviews from some lovely people who embraced the Little Nerd way of doing things and are now reaping the rewards.

“Responsive to messages, open to new ideas, will tell you when certain things won’t work, and has an eye for design that few people I’ve worked with can match. The end result has far exceeded my expectations.”

“Louise was FANTASTIC and QUICK to work with! I was having trouble setting up a portion of my website and Louise knocked it out (better than I even could have done it myself) within minutes.”

“Louise was very responsive, friendly and helpful. She listened to what we needed and sorted it out with minimal effort by us. I am happy to recommend Louise.”

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So now you know what I do…

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